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Teak furniture wood

Here you will find wooden strips, square strips and wooden panels for furniture construction. The Asian teak is characterized by very good dimensional stability and a supple structure. Due to its high natural durability, it is also suitable for use in wet areas.

Table top

Cuts and standard panels in various thicknesses.

Teak strip 50mm

Our narrow teak strips for the furniture construction of filigree pieces of furniture.

Teak strip 95mm

Our medium width teak strips for durable furniture and more.

Teak strip 125mm

Our widest teak strips for interior and exterior furniture construction.

Teak rectangular bar

13mm thick teak strips with 90° edges and rift cut.

Teak stick 18x18mm

The square strips made of teak for furniture construction

Teak stick 40x40mm

The stronger square slats made of teak.

background and service

Sustainable origin

Our furniture wood comes from sustainably managed forests and is processed under fair working conditions. Forest and production are checked by independent experts for compliance with the high social and ecological standards.

teak tree

Wooden strips and boards for furniture construction

The teak boards and panels from BioMaderas are an extraordinary wood for unique furniture. Realize your design ideas. Build a bed, wardrobe, shelf, table or chair from eco-teak with a special story. Even if the first piece of furniture is not as perfect as it is from the furniture store: you will love it.

Material for your carpenter

You have an idea and would like to have it implemented by a professional? We would be happy to supply you with the right wood and determine the quantity required in cooperation with your carpenter.

Origin tropical wood

Know where it comes from

We are proud that our wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. That's why we're happy to show you where the tree grew and what we're doing for the rainforest.

Our commitment to the environment

Our customers' furniture

Teak armchair

“We have been working with the teak from for many years BioMaderas we are happy to have found a reliable supplier who provides us with consistent quality.”

Unodöt (carpentry)

Teak top as a bathroom shelf

“We installed the 40mm thick teak panels with continuous slats in various places in our bathroom: as shelves, closet doors, washstands. A very beautiful material that sets an exciting accent.”

Tom Huber

Screen made of teak slats

"Our carpenter made a privacy screen for our pool area from the narrow teak strips that exactly meets our needs."

Juan Santos

Our furniture wood