Height adjuster for Eiermann-table frame

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Expected delivery by: June 3rd

With the height adjusters, table tops can be placed on the Eiermann-Adjust the table frame to different heights. The inclination of a plate is also possible if the plate supports for screwing are chosen as support.

Number per set 4 pieces height adjusters
material and colour Painted steel, chrome-plated or stainless steel
Gesamtlänge 160 mm (at 20 mm to 80 mm) or 400 mm (at 40 mm to 200 mm)
Adjustment steps 3 (at 20 mm to 80 mm) or 4 (at 40 mm to 200 mm)
Height Eiermann-Frame 66 cm (recommendation)

Item number: 6904-01xxx Category:
Weight n / A
material and colour

Steel, black (painted), steel, white (painted), steel, chrome

Adjustment range

20mm to 80mm, 40mm to 200mm


Plug to be placed on, plate carrier to be screwed on

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