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The BioMaderas Decking oil reduces the formation of cracks and splinters. The natural wood color is emphasized and retained longer in the light and brown versions.

BioMaderas decking oil


Suitable for Wooden terraces, fences, privacy screens, facade cladding and all outdoor wood
Suitable types of wood Tropical wood such as cumaru, jatoba, garapa, teak, bangkirai, as well as Douglas fir and larch
Technische Merkmale water-repellent, air-permeable, reduces cracking and mold formation
UV protection Color protection for the light and brown variants
Consumption 1 liter for approx. 15 square meters per coat


Colors transparent, light brown or brown (please choose)
container size 0,75 liters or 2,5 liters (please choose)


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Terrace oil with UV protection

Wood is like people: gray comes with age. This natural process can be slowed down a bit, at least with wood. That BioMaderas Decking oil has a built in UV protection without covering the wood structure. This causes the wood color to last longer and a cracking and splintering is reduced without painting over the wood grain. However, depending on the weathering of the surface, the oiling should be carried out once or twice a year - and after a few years it may have to be patio cleaner are used to the natural wood color to bring out again.

Data sheet (PDF)
Wooden terrace when oiling


The wooden surface must be clean, free of dust and grease and dry. Remove dirt with a suitable cleaner. Stir well before and during use. That BioMaderas Apply decking oil thinly and evenly to bare, untreated wood with a lint-free cotton cloth, brush or roller and remove excess oil (oil that has not soaked into the wood) within 20 minutes with a cloth or rub in. After the first application, wait approx. 1 hour until the surface has dried. Then make the second application and remove excess oil again. The freshly oiled surface should not get wet for 24 hours. After that, the wood is weatherproof.

color selection

We offer the oil in different pigmentations. Here you can find out which variant is the right choice for you. We recommend that before painting BioMaderas-Terrace cleaner.

transparent for terraces that need to be protected from cracks but where color preservation is not a priority.
light brown for all terraces where the natural wood color should be retained for as long as possible. Color retention requires regular oiling (twice a year).
brown opaque, for dark terraces where the dark color should be retained for as long as possible. Color retention requires regular oiling (twice a year).
Garapa decking boards 145mm FSC


Refined natural oils such as soybean and sunflower oil, isoaliphatics, natural waxes, lead-free drying agents, neodecanoic acid, cobalt salt, pentanone oxime, iron oxide pigments, titanium dioxide.

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0,75 liter, 2,5 liters


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3 Reviews for BioMaderas decking oil

  1. Volker Blume (via Amazon) -

    The decking oil is very easy to work with and as far as the look is concerned, it now looks like a well-kept ship deck. Thanks also for the really fast delivery.

  2. mwmr -

    Very good product. So far I had used the oil from a brand with Os... which is certainly very good. Here, however, I like the effect better when it rains. The water rolls off very nicely. I can't say how long this effect will last. It is very easy to work with and even penetrates Cumaru wood. On recommendation, I used the oil in light, which gave the terrace, which had already turned gray after 8 months, a very nice color again. The information about the quantity was also correct. (With smooth floorboards) Can only recommend the oil. For processing, I recommend a wide brush which you can attach to a broomstick. This means that the processing succeeds in a short time, since you don't have to work on your knees.

  3. -

    The oil I use BioMaderas bright is of high quality and very easy to process. It is very easy to apply and spreads easily. The oil is very economical. It smells pleasant, not like benzene and dries well. There are no edges when applying. I used a broom brush to oil a Cumaru decking. The terrace has its natural color again in 2 years and does not tend to splinter even if treated in this way.

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Data sheet (PDF)

Ingredients, information and application description for the decking oil as a two-page PDF download.

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