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The worktop oil from BioMaderas is particularly suitable for worktops, wooden furniture and table tops made of teak or similar precious woods. It ensures a smooth surface and offers lasting protection against dirt and moisture.

Effect lasting protection against dirt and moisture
Ingredients from refined natural oils
Quantity 250ml or 750ml
Consumption approx. 70ml per m2
Types of wood especially for teak and other precious woods
Application for worktops, wooden furniture and table tops
Brand BioMaderas

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BioMaderas Worktop oil for wooden panels

The worktop oil from BioMaderas protects and cares for the surface of the wooden panels. Its water-repellent property prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating.

countertop oils BioMaderas
Worktop raw oiled


✓ Water-repellent effect
✓ Protects and cares for the wood
✓ Prevents moisture and pollution
✓ Enhances the color of the wood


The wooden surface must be clean, free of dust and grease and dry. Remove dirt with a suitable cleaner. Stir well before and during use. That BioMaderas Apply worktop oil wet-on-wet to bare, untreated wood with a lint-free cotton cloth, brush or roller and roll on until the surface absorbs no more oil. Then massage in excess oil with a cotton cloth without leaving any residue until the entire surface appears completely dry. After 24 hours or more, polish the surface with a cotton cloth.

BioMaderas Teak board 200x90cm with Eiermann table support
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In our Consulting for wooden panels you will find tips for the best care and cleaning agents and for their professional use. We are also happy to answer your questions personally.

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Worktop oil data sheet
Data sheet (PDF)

Ingredients, instructions and application description for the BioMaderas Countertop Oil

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