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Wood care

Decking oil helps keep the color of outdoor wood longer. Front edge wax prevents the formation of end cracks. And you will also find the right oils for your table tops and cutting boards here.

Outside interior

Wood care for outdoor use

The right care products for your decking, wooden tiles and garden furniture.

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Interior wood care

The right care products for your parquet, your wooden panels and cutting boards.

Wood care advice

The right care product

Decking boards and Wooden tiles turn gray outdoors and are exposed to the risk of fungal, moss, algae and mold infestation. The right care for wooden terraces helps against this. at Betterwood you will find a colorless one specially tailored to our types of wood Terrace oil with UV protection, which keeps the color of the wood longer and prevents fungal attack. Of the colorless wood protection Unlike the colorless decking oil, it has no visual impact on the decking boards and wooden tiles. However, it has a particularly effective wood protection and penetrates deep into the decking to prevent algae infestation.

Instructions oiling
Wooden terrace when oiling
Terrace after cleaning

The terrace cleaning

With the  patio cleaner dirty decking boards can be cleaned and - in combination with our decking oil - grayed decking boards can be de-greyed again. That front edge wax is applied to freshly cut end faces to prevent cracking. In our online consultation we will help you to choose the right wood care for your wooden terrace.

Clean instructions

Other accessories

Bolting & tools

For fixing the decking boards.

Substructure & Ventilation

For improved constructive wood protection.

Wood care and protection

Find the right care for your wood.

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