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Accessories for substructure and ventilation

The substructure lies between the decking board and the foundation. The accessories for this area improve the constructive wood protection with terrace pads and spacer profile and define the construction height with pedestals.

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( 2,40  / 1 meter)
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( 0,75  / 1 piece )
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( 0,10  / 1 screw )
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( 0,80  / 1 screw )
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Advice on terrace construction

Constructive wood protection

The following applies to a wooden terrace: the better the ventilation, the better the durability. at Betterwood you will find products to help you achieve the best structural wood protection for your patio. That distance profile and the Spacers provide better ventilation between the substructure and decking boards with a visible screw connection. That Drainage and ventilation profile ensures professional splash protection and good ventilation of the wooden terrace up to the house wall.

Avoid common mistakes
no ventilation

Variable assembly height

Depending on the construction site of the wooden terrace, different requirements can be placed on the construction height. Wooden terraces on balconies or stone terraces usually require a very low construction height. A combination of are suitable here patio pads and flatter Substructure. Terraces on the ground or with a slope must be built higher. This additional height can pedestals or cross battens.

Advice on height adjustment

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