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Terrace cleaner made from 100% oxalic acid for mixing 10 to 15 liters of cleaning solution.

Quantity 1 kg
Consumption 15 liters of cleaning solution for 15 square meters of terrace area
Effect against gray haze, dirt, algae and iron-tannin oxidation prevents slippery floorboards
suitable for unoiled and oiled decking board
application Note Cleaner can cause discoloration on acid-sensitive surfaces such as metal, glass and facades. Rinse immediately with clear water.
environmental completely biodegradable
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BioMaderas Terrace cleaner for wooden terraces

The terrace cleaner from BioMaderas Based on oxalic acid, it effectively removes dirt, algae, fungi and gray film from weathered and dirty wooden terraces. Mix, apply, scrub – done.

Cumaru terrace 90mm, 1 year old, Simon Alber, Stuttgart


✓ Pure oxalic acid without poison
✓ Strong effect on weathered wood
✓ Removes dirt
✓ in combination with BioMaderas Terrace oil brings back the natural color of the wood


The BioMaderas Patio cleaner based on oxalic acid is mixed in a ratio of 1 to 10 to 1 to 15 in lukewarm water and then applied to the swept-clean wooden terrace with a watering can. The floorboards can already be wet before treatment so that the cleaner works primarily on the surface and not in the wood. After 10 minutes of exposure, the terrace is scrubbed with a brush. This loosens dirt, algae and fungi on the decking. The terrace is then rinsed with clear water.

Instructions PDF online guide
Teak decking 95mm


In our Consulting for wooden terraces you will find tips for the best care and cleaning products and for their professional use. We are also happy to answer your questions personally.

Weight 1 kg

3 Reviews for BioMaderas patio cleaner

  1. Awesome -

    Simply pour the watering can onto the wood, wait a bit, sweep away with a hard broom and keep pouring water over and over again so that all the dirt is washed away. I don't need to say anything about the result, the pictures are clear (I bought too few, hence this transition). Absolute purchase recommendation.

  2. Larissa Pohl (via Google) -

    Ordering was super quick, Mr J's service was top notch. The package came the next day and the day after that the terrace was sparkling clean.

  3. -

    I used the deck cleaner for the first time on a 2 year old Cumaru wooden deck. The terrace was in the first spring with BioMaderas Terrace oil was treated lightly and looked gray and partly greenish after the winter. I mixed the patio cleaner in a watering can and poured it onto the patio with the spray head. After about 10 minutes I brushed the terrace with an electric scrubber. You can clearly see the result when brushing. The dirt can be removed very easily and what remains is a clean and algae-free surface with the natural wood colour. Then I rinsed the terrace with clear water. Be sure to wear gloves, otherwise your fingers will discolour – how do I know?
    Perfect terrace cleaning without much effort and damage to the wood surface, for example with a high-pressure cleaner. Perfect! Then I have the terrace with me BioMaderas Terrace oil treated light and the terrace looks like new.

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