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The front edge wax from BioMaderas protects the decking from penetrating moisture and prevents important wood components from bleeding out.

Effect Prevents the formation of cracks and splinters on the front edges of decking boards
Quantity 250ml or 750ml
Consumption 750ml are enough for approx. 1200 front edges
Types of wood especially for tropical wood decking boards
Brand BioMaderas
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The BioMaderas End edge wax reduces the risk of cracks and splinters forming on end edges and cut surfaces of tropical wood decking boards. The wax is highly water-repellent, prevents the bleeding of wood ingredients and protects against penetrating moisture.

member of Global Forest & Trade Network of the WWF


The front edge must be clean, free of dust and grease and dry. That BioMaderas Front edge wax is applied to the cut surface of the decking board with a cloth, sponge or brush so that a light wax film is formed. The waxed surface can no longer be painted over. The drying time is 12 to 24 hours.


In our Consulting for wooden decking, learn how to best care for your decking and prevent cracks and splinters. Ours will also be happy to help you wood experts when choosing the right wood care and application.

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250 ml, 750 ml


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Data sheet for end edge wax
Data sheet (PDF)

Ingredients, instructions and application description for the forehead edge wax from BioMaderas as a two-page PDF download.

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