Pilot company ELAN

Betterwood is a pilot company for deforestation-free supply chains

We are pleased to announce that our company took part in the innovative ELAN project as one of the selected pilot companies. ELAN stands for “Deforestation-free supply chains – active for more sustainability” and was developed in collaboration with OroVerde – the Tropical Forest Foundation and the Global Nature Fund brought to life.

EU supply chain law for risky raw materials

This project aims to support companies on their path to deforestation-free supply chains. The preservation of our forests is an issue that is of non-negotiable value in times of advancing climate change, and consequently through the new EU supply chain law (EUDR) Legally, companies that import risky raw materials such as cocoa, soy, beef products, palm oil, coffee, natural rubber and wood should be monitored more strictly.

By the ELAN portal We were able to analyze our supply chain processes in detail and gain valuable insights into the new EU regulation. The experiences and results we gained during the pilot phase with ELAN were extremely insightful. The platform not only gave us the opportunity to check our supply chain for deforestation risks specifically for the raw material wood, but also provided us with useful resources and tools for effective strategy development.

Example Betterwood

The feedback we were able to provide together with other pilot companies helped further refine the portal, making it a valuable tool for companies of all sizes that want and need to make their supply chains sustainable.

We are proud to be at the forefront of this important initiative and encourage other companies to join us. Transitioning to deforestation-free supply chains is not only a matter of environmental responsibility, but also a crucial step towards a more sustainable and equitable global economy. With the help of the ELAN portal, we can make a significant difference together and meet EU requirements to protect our valuable forest ecosystems.

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