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Why is our garden furniture sustainable?

The supply chain of our garden furniture is strictly controlled. Here you can find out what makes our garden furniture sustainable. 

Added value in Brazil and Vietnam

For the teak of our garden furniture, worn agricultural areas in the tropical regions of Brazil are reforested with FSC® 100% certified teak plantations. On the rainforest areas that were initially believed to be lost, the plantations give the local people a sustainable and economic opportunity to live from forestry. Reforestation also ensures, among other things, that the surrounding primary forest does not continue to disappear.

The sawmills that process the logs from Brazil are located in Vietnam. Here you can look back on decades of experience in wood processing. Modern machines in connection with the many years of expertise of the wood processing companies on site enable almost 100% use of the valuable teak trunks. The result: Maximum utilization of resources in the manufacture of long-lasting premium teak products.

Teak plantation Indonesia

Controlling the entire supply chain

In general, we almost exclusively import FSC®-certified products. From Vietnam, too, we only purchase wood products that have been 100% FSC®® certified. This guarantees that the teak is sourced from responsible and sustainable forest management and sends a strong signal against illegal deforestation.

Sawmills and manufactories in Binh Duong

Our garden furniture is processed in the provincial town of Binh Duong in southern Vietnam. Originally characterized by agriculture, Binh Duong developed into an economic center of the country. The region is still famous for the handicraft villages - in addition to wooden products, ceramics and pottery, sculptures and paintings are also made.

Our local partner companies have many years of experience in the production of high-quality teak garden furniture. Hardly anywhere else in the world can the round trunks of teak be used so well. For example, even the bark of the trunks is used for energy-efficient use of the drying chambers.


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