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How do I sand my wooden garden furniture?

The appearance of your wooden garden furniture can change over the years. You can freshen up the furniture with simple means. 

Is it worth sanding and oiling wooden garden furniture?

Oiling is similar to cleaning. Garden furniture made of durable hardwood such as teak does not necessarily have to be oiled. Nevertheless, the treatment of the furniture can make sense at certain intervals in order to freshen up the appearance of the wood over time. 


Old garden bench
Sandpaper 180/240

Sanding garden furniture properly

Depending on the weathering of the garden furniture, you should sand them before oiling to prepare the wood. In this regard, it can also help to clean the wood again with a patio cleaner as described above. The sanding itself is best done by hand, as it is difficult to get to all the corners and curves of the wood with a hand sander. For the sandpaper we recommend a 180 grit for our teak wood. In a second pass, you can touch up with a 240 grit.

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