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As with all purchases on the Internet, you should check the shipping conditions and delivery times. Particular attention should be paid to the completeness of the offer in order to save unnecessary shipping costs through further deliveries. Also the option itself Pattern can be attractive to test the product.

Plan well

If you plan carefully, you save effort and money: forwarding material often doubles the shipping costs. With little effort, however, the need can be determined quickly. First, the areas that are to be covered with parquet must be precisely measured. With the dimensions, the square meters can be calculated, which results in the required quantity. It makes sense waste to be taken into account.

Solid wood plank teak bevelled top
Staircase with teak parquet

Use sample service

Representations and photos on the Internet can only give an approximate impression of the nature and appearance of the material. The color and feel of the material can only be judged with certainty if you hold a sample in your hand. So ask the seller for a sample. Please note: Wood products are subject to changes due to exposure to light, care and wear.

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Comparison of parquet types
Comparison of types of wood
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Material requirements and waste
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Comparison of parquet formats
laying pattern
Laying direction
Structure height parquet
Underfloor heating


material list
Prepare the subsurface
Laying and gluing


oils and waxes


Co2 balance

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