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Pets and terraces – what should you bear in mind?

Terraces offer a wonderful space for relaxation and leisure - not only for us humans, but also for our beloved pets. Whether sunbathing, playing or simply enjoying the fresh air, patios can become a favorite place for our animal companions. But there are some important aspects to consider to ensure this space is comfortable and safe for both you and your pet.

Choosing the right patio material:

For pet owners, choosing the right patio material is crucial. Wooden terraces, like those at Betterwood are often a good choice. They are natural, sturdy and paw-friendly. Especially resistant woods like garapa and jatoba are ideal because they are not only durable but also resistant to scratches. Be sure to choose woods with a smooth surface to minimize the risk of splinters. With some woods such as Cumaru, which can have intermittent growth, it is advisable to sand the terraces after laying in order to create a surface that is safe and pleasant for you and your four-legged friends.

Safety and Health:

Make sure your patio is safe for your pet. This includes making sure it is well fenced so that your pets don't run away or get into dangerous areas. Also check regularly for loose boards or sharp edges that could harm your pet. It is also important to use safe products when caring for your patio. Our Terrace oils from BioMaderas are not only sweat and saliva proof, but also approved for children's toys and EN 71-3 certified, in accordance with the European standard for toy safety. In contrast, you should avoid using waterproofing primer, especially on European softwoods, as such waterproofing primers can often contain very toxic substances.

Weather protection:

Pets, just like people, need protection from extreme weather conditions. Make sure part of your patio provides shade, especially on hot days. A sun sail or pergola can help here. It is also important to have a sheltered area where your pet can retreat in the event of rain or strong winds.

Plants and decoration:

Make sure all plants and decorations on your patio are pet-friendly. Avoid poisonous plants and ensure that decorative items are not easily swallowed or have sharp edges.

Cleaning and care:

Regular patio cleaning is important to keep it safe and comfortable for your pet. Use pet-friendly cleaning products. When it comes to wooden terraces, proper care is also crucial to maintain the quality of the wood. You can find products and tips for caring for wooden terraces in the advice section of Betterwood.

Terraces for dogs and cats

Creating a pet-friendly patio means providing a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment in which your animal companions can move freely. With the right planning and choice of materials, coupled with safety precautions and appropriate care, your patio will become a perfect place for you and your pets to enjoy the beautiful moments outdoors together. Contact us for further information and advice on choosing the right wood and suitable wood care products.

Photo: Katerina Kepka (https://www.katerina-kepka.de/)

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