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With our product images, the detailed descriptions and detailed information on the different types of wood, we try to give our customers as accurate an impression of our offer as possible. But so that our customers can get an even better picture of the material and options for building their terrace, we thought about it: how would it be if our customers shared the experience they had with Betterwood and made with our wood would share?


Ours came out Betterwood experience page. In three different customer galleries – too teak wood, cumaru wood and garapa wood – we collect photos of our customers' terraces. Here you can see the wooden terraces that we planned together according to your ideas and which you then built yourself with our advice or commissioned a craftsman to do. In addition to the pictures, the experiences can also be read in our customer feedback.

Oiled or silvered

Using Betterwood Experience page you can find out more about the different types of laying a wooden terrace. oiled or unoiled, concealed or visibly screwed, with narrow or wider planks, freshly processed or silver-plated - you can now get an impression of the possibilities and different ideas when building a wooden terrace from Betterwood do. Be inspired by the experiences of our customers and ask us how your ideas can be implemented - tell us how you want your terrace and use our individual one terrace planner. Because every terrace is unique.

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