Teak boat deck

Teak boat deck

Boat deck made of wood or plastic? For stylish water sports enthusiasts, sailors and steamboat captains, that's no question. The answer is clear: of course it has to be wood. At least the deck of the yacht or the sailing boat gets it first Wooden floorboards the unmistakable maritime look.

But it is also true: wood weathers and requires a lot of care – especially on the water. Because the yacht deck is extremely exposed to wind and spray. Only a few types of wood can withstand these conditions in the long term.

Teak deck in wind and weather

Teak is ideal for boat building. It is one of the most resilient types of wood. It falls into resistance class 1 (according to DIN-EN, service life at least 25 years).

The high rubber content in the wood ensures durability and a smooth surface. And it has another advantage: in contrast to comparably durable types of wood - like Cumaru or Ipe – it has the lowest risk of default. It lies very quietly and therefore only requires a joint width of 4mm.

The teak wood from Biomaderas achieves the highest durability class, as the teak trees are only used sustainably and resource-saving from the age of more than 30 years - after the tree has formed the most important extracts to increase durability.

Barefoot friendly boat deck

In addition, teak is the most barefoot-friendly wood: It hardly ever splinteres. An undeniable advantage on a boat deck.

Teak is known as the "king of wood species" because of its good properties. In addition to the technical advantages of using teak as a boat deck, the golden brown appearance also speaks for the wood.

The growth zones are clearly visible in teak. The heartwood is brown to yellow with streaks, with the sapwood clearly contrasting in color to the heartwood due to its lighter colour.

Reason enough for one of our customers in Switzerland to have the deck of his beautiful steamship replica from the classic film "African Queen" (1951) covered with ours terrace elements equip.

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