Teak plantation Indonesia

Teak reforestation instead of deforestation

Destruction of the rainforest and responsible forest management: both can be found in Indonesia, a country where the jungle extends over 17.000 islands.

On the one hand, Indonesia is one of the countries where the clearing of the rainforest is progressing the fastest. On the other hand, there have been plantations for more than two hundred years - they were originally created by the Dutch.

Environment and economy in harmony

If the plantations are managed sustainably and are therefore used commercially in a gentle manner, the environment benefits: Firstly, they offer a safe habitat for numerous animal and plant species. And since they bring profit, the forests have so far been spared from destruction for agriculture.

That is exactly the idea of ​​sustainability: People and nature benefit without being played off against each other. Modern sawmills also ensure that the working conditions on site meet safety standards.

Java teak from reforestation

Our teak wood comes from the plantations on Java, the largest island in Indonesia. The teak trees have been growing here for decades under the best climatic conditions. Therefore, the wood also enjoys an excellent reputation: the trees grow particularly slowly, which gives them a high density and oil content. The best insurance for outdoor durability.

Imported from Indonesia Betterwood exclusively Teak decking, Teak countertops and solid wood parquet made of teak from sustainable reforestations. A displacement by industrial agriculture is thus stopped.

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