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Teak furniture wood

In XNUMX, when Furniture wood can be found at Betterwood you will find high-quality solid wood panels, wooden boards and wooden strips made of teak. We offer the wooden panels for furniture construction in thicknesses from 18mm to 40mm. The teak strips are 19mm thick and 50mm to 95mm wide. The wood can be used indoors in the kitchen and bathroom or outdoors on the terrace or in boat building.

Wood panels for furniture construction

The solid teak panels can be used as a table top, shelves or for garden furniture. They are waterproof and available in lengths of up to 300cm.

Wooden battens for furniture construction

Garden furniture or pieces of furniture can be built from the solid wooden slats made of teak. The wood is easy to work with and achieves the highest durability according to the DIN standard.

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