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The bread knife by Güde from Solingen with a high-quality teak handle ensures particularly sharp cutting teeth thanks to its special serrated edge. This saws bread instead of pressing it.

blade length 21 cm
Gesamtlänge 32,5 cm
Weight 190 grams
knife handle made from sustainably managed teak wood BioMaderas
Blade Chrome vanadium molybdenum knife steel
Properties stainless, forged, ice-hardened, hand-sharpened, serrated edge

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Bread knife from Güde with teak wood

The Güde bread knife with the extraordinary cut and a comfortable teak handle: The Güde serrated edge with pointed teeth significantly increases the cutting ability. Bread is sawn instead of crushed.


✓ Teak handle from sustainable forestry
✓ Forged knife blade, rustproof and ice-hardened
✓ Serrated edge with particularly sharp teeth
✓ Matches the teak cutting boards and chopping blocks

Forged knives from Güde with teak handle

The first collection of Güde knives with teak handles includes three models: the handy paring knife, the robust bread knife and the universal chef's knife.

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