Wood lexicon Types of wood


[Dalbergia spp.]; Trade name rosewood



Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Madagascar

bulk density

800-1000 kg/m³

durability class


radial shrinkage

0,23 - 0,25%

Tangential shrinkage

0,35 - 0,39%

wood color

yellowish-brown to reddish-violet, often changing within a species or even within a tribe

wood structure

Coarsely needle-cracked, pores predominantly arranged individually scattered, with dark and light-colored core materials


decorative veneers for high quality furniture, panelling, cabinets and boxes

Rosewood wood is one of the first types of wood from overseas to be imported because of its special color. Due to their limited occurrence and the usually only weakly dimensioned trunks, their price has always been high and their use limited. Today rosewood is on the CITES list of endangered wood species and is not available from FSC®-certified sources.