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[Si po]; [Entandrophragma utile]; sipo (D,CI,F); assié (F, CAM); utile (D, GH, GB); bada, mébrou, zuiri (CI); efou-konti (GH); timbi, assang-assié (CAM); akuk, ogipogo, ubilesan (WAN)


Tropical Africa

bulk density

0,6 g / cm³

durability class

2 – 3

radial shrinkage

0,18 - 0,22%

Tangential shrinkage

0,25 - 0,26%

wood color

light to brownish red

wood structure

porous and decorative


Furniture, panelling, parquet, boat building

Sipo, also known as mahogany sipo or utile, belongs to the mahogany family (Meliaceae) and is widespread in tropical Africa. The trees reach heights of growth of up to 65 meters and trunk diameters of up to 3 meters.

Not real mahogany

The sapwood is reddish gray and clearly distinguishes itself from the light to brownish red heartwood. As a result of drying, the wood darkens and takes on a deep reddish-brown colour. In addition, a very uniform grain ensures the similarity to mahogany. Unlike real mahogany, however, the wood is not quite as easy to work with and is therefore not suitable for applications such as veneer production.

The wood is running out

High demand in the 60s and 70s ensured regular imports of the wood to Europe. Due to declining resources, efforts are being made to ensure the sustainable supply of wood with recognized certification systems.

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