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[Si·po]; [Entandrophragma utile]; Trade names: assié , utile, assang-assié (CMR)

Sipo wood surface
Origin Tropical Africa (Sierra Leone, Uganda, DR Congo and Angola)
bulk density (0,4-)0,55-0,69(-0,74) g/cm³
durability class 2 – 3
Compressive strength 45-72 N/mm²
flexural strength 83-153 N/mm²
Differential shrinkage (radial) 0,18-0,22%
Differential shrinkage (tangential) 0,25-0,26%
PH value ≈ 4,45
wood color light to brownish red
Usage Furniture, parquet or in high-quality boat construction, structural wood indoors and outdoors

Sipo, botanically Entandrophragma utile, also known as Sipo mahogany or Utile, is now traded as Sipo in accordance with DIN EN 13556. Originally imported from West Africa, the wood experienced high demand in Europe in the 60s and 70s. However, resources are declining, driving efforts toward sustainable wood sourcing with recognized certification systems. Entandrophragma utile, a deciduous tree, reaches heights of 55 to 65 meters and trunk diameters of up to 3 meters. With a straight, cylindrical trunk and a branch-free zone up to 40 meters high, the tree has a dome-like crown. The bark is cracked, silver-gray to brown, while young branches are hairy and brownish. Sipo is known as a highly valued wood for furniture and construction applications, but current challenges in resource availability require increased efforts for sustainable use.

Sipo also impresses with its characteristic wood, which is ideal for decorative applications. The sapwood is reddish-gray and stands out clearly from the light to brownish-red heartwood, which darkens to a deep reddish brown during the drying process and through natural light aging. With a durability class of 2-3, according to DIN EN 350-2, Sipo is considered to be well to moderately resistant to wood-destroying organisms. The structure is characterized by fine pores, twisted growth and narrow parenchymal bands. Easily machined mechanically, Sipo is suitable for furniture, paneling, parquet, boat building, and as structural wood for indoor and outdoor applications. Care must be taken when drying to minimize the risk of warping and cracking. Sipo is an ideal choice for high-quality interiors and construction projects, from boat building to window and door frame construction.

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