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Planner for wooden terraces

With the Betterwood-Terrace planner for your dream terrace:
✓ Online planning with live material list and price calculation.
✓ including stairs, drainage, pool recess, cladding and much more.
✓ Download the planning documents directly and order the wooden terrace straight away.
✓ Advice from our experts.

1. Choose a top covering:

Laying with decking boards offers the most freedom, but is usually more complex than with wooden tiles or elements.

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Wooden tiles can be laid quickly and easily on an even and solid surface and also offer a low installation height.

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Elements consist of decking boards that are pre-assembled on a substructure. Rectangular surfaces can be laid so easily.

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decision support

Are you unsure about what to lay your terrace with? at Betterwood find three tools to help you decide. With our Decision-making aid for terrace flooring find out if decking, wood tiles or elements are best suited for your project. . If you are unsure about the choice of wood, you will find your favorite in the Decision-making aid for the type of wood. And for an approximate cost estimate use our terrace calculator.

Terrace planning in detail

In 5 steps to a unique wooden terrace

Our terrace planner guides you through the planning of your wooden terrace. You can quickly and easily request a quote by square meter. Or you use the full depth of detail and also plan stairs, facings and construction heights for your terrace. Below is an overview of the most important functions.

Post base angle wooden terrace
Teak elements 95mm wide, Berlin

A terrace planner not only for terrace boards

With our terrace planner, you can not only cover your wooden terrace with terrace boards - planning with wooden tiles or pre-assembled terrace elements is also possible.

Choose your assembly height

A complete terrace planning also includes the right construction height. at Betterwood everything is possible from 5cm to 400cm. Depending on the desired construction height, we offer you the right material. From now on: up the terraces!

Choose from the best woods

The Betterwood we want to offer only the best woods for your project. We have therefore limited our decking range to four types of wood that are durable, sustainable and dimensionally stable. So when you choose your wood type in the decking planner, you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

Blinding desired?

When planning the terrace, you can also have the facing calculated for you. With us, for the first time you now have the opportunity to select the material directly: a perforated aluminum sheet or a panel made of wood – what would you like?

veneer wood
stair riser

Stair planning included

What good is the most beautiful terrace if you can't think of it? Now it is possible for the first time to plan the stairs together with the terrace area. This is one of the many new features that no other online patio planner offers.

Installation plan and offer made to measure

After completing the planner, you will receive a detailed installation plan for your decking, wooden tiles or patio elements - including a plan for your substructure, facing and stairs if you wish. Of course, you will also receive the right offer with all the accessories and Europe-wide transport costs, which you can order directly.

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Cumaru decking boards 90mm, wood & design Simon Alber