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The wood from Vietnam

Our 125mm wide teak garden furniture, panels, cutting boards and planks come from a certified sawmill in Vietnam. The highly specialized production facility obtains its teak from FSC® 100% sustainable forestry in Brazil and offers first-class quality thanks to decades of experience in processing.

The Plantation & The Sawmills

Our partner reforests depleted agricultural land in the tropical regions of Brazil into FSC® 100% certified teak plantations. In this way, once lost forest area is turned back into forest and offers local people a sustainable opportunity to make a living from forestry. And the afforestation contributes to the fact that the surrounding primary forest does not disappear any further.

The two sawmills are located in Vietnam, where you can draw on decades of experience in wood processing. High-quality machines combined with human know-how enable almost 100% use of the valuable teak trunks. The result means maximum resource utilization in the manufacture of durable premium teak products.

Teak garden table

Teak garden table

The Certificate & The Certifiers

We only import wood products from Vietnam that have been 100% FSC®® certified. This ensures responsible forest management and sets an example against illegal manure.

The interaction of these actors guarantees the sustainable origin of the products from Betterwood from Vietnam.

The Provinces

The cutting boards and garden furniture are processed in the provincial town of Binh Duong in the south of the country. Originally characterized by agriculture, Binh Duong is now developing into an economic center that also attracts many expats. The region is still famous for the handicraft villages - in addition to wooden products, ceramics and pottery, sculptures and paintings are also made.

The sawmill in Phu Yen produces our high-quality teak floorboards in 125mm, as well as the table tops and the parquet floor. The province on the South China Sea is known for paradisiacal beaches and offers two true green treasures with the Krong Trai National Park and the Ea So Nature Reserve.

Government building in Binh Duong, Vietnam

Sea in Phu Yen

The country

Vietnam is a thriving emerging country along the coast of Southeast Asia. In recent years, the local economy has continued to develop, so that in addition to textile manufacturing and agricultural production, many technological companies are now ensuring growing prosperity.

Vietnam is one of the biodiversity hotspots in Asia. Although the forest area has increased in recent years, the quality of the forests has tended to deteriorate for decades. That is why the government is now concentrating on developing ecologically sustainable forestry. The focus is on preserving biodiversity, eliminating illegal logging and sustainable forest management.

In the processing of wood products, Vietnam is one of the best addresses in the world.

The way of the wood

Our wood from Vietnam