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project in Bolivia

Since 2015, we have been offsetting all of the CO2 emissions caused by our company by trading in CO2 certificates. The first project of this kind was organized by the Co2ol agency in Bolivia and has already been completed.

The goal: to support small farmers

We support an initiative of Bolivian smallholders. The initiative reforests degraded areas on the small farmers' farms with a mixture of native tree species appropriate to the location. In this way, the fallow land is upgraded for the smallholders and sustainable ecological forestry is made possible.

The place: Bolivian highlands

More than 15 percent of the project area are designated as nature reserves and offer permanent total reserves for the native flora and fauna. By setting up community businesses, the initiative supports the smallholders in selling the precious woods they produce together, which creates long-term income for the smallholders and is intended to ensure a valuable contribution to the sustainable development of the project region.

Our partner: Co2ol

The Bonn agency Cool coordinates the project and organizes for Betterwood CO2 certificate trading. In this way, the CO2 emissions that are emitted during imports from our containers are completely compensated.