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Best wood for wooden panels

The character of a room is determined by the selection of the type of wood for the table, kitchen worktop and piece of furniture. But the best wood should hardly warp and be particularly durable. It is often exposed to stress such as moisture, heat and scratching objects - especially in the kitchen or as a dining table. High-quality and appealing woods should therefore have the best values ​​in terms of density and hardness at the same time. From our point of view, teak wood has the best values ​​here.


Anyone who buys worktops made of acacia in Germany usually does not get the African wood species acacia, but robinia wood. Despite this actually false declaration, the term acacia has prevailed. The false acacia has good durability and hardness for a European tree species. However, the very low price is primarily responsible for the success of the wood as a wood for the mass market. Unfortunately, the wood tends to warp, crack and splinter. Therefore, the false acacia is not the best choice for kitchen use.


The beech is the most widespread deciduous tree in Germany. As a relatively heavy and dense European wood, it is comparable to oak. Its typical reddish-yellow color and fine vein structure ensure a calm aura. It is rather unsuitable for direct use as a work surface, as the wood tends to shrink and could tear. Careful and gentle treatment is required.


Oak wood has a relatively high strength for a European hardwood. It is therefore rather insensitive to shocks. The annual rings are clearly set off in the oak and give the wood a decorative structure with a fairly wide color spectrum. It is particularly popular in interior design, for furniture, windows and doors. Oak is only suitable to a limited extent as a wood for worktops in the kitchen, as it can warp if it comes into contact with water for a long time.


Very dimensionally stable Thanks to its high oil and rubber content, teak wood achieves the best resistance to wood-destroying fungi of all the woods described here. Its surface is particularly smooth. Teak has a low tendency to warp and hardly ever cracks or splinters. It is considered to be a very high-quality precious wood, ideally suited for use as a work surface in the kitchen. The clear and distinct structure clearly shows the growth zones of the wood. The warm radiance is created by the light gold to dark gold-brown color spectrum.

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