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Material comparison for countertops

Worktops in the kitchen should above all be resistant to moisture, but they also have a decisive influence on the appearance of the kitchen. With the choice of material, you make a decision in terms of utility on the one hand and an aesthetic statement on the other.


Wood has a warming and natural look. If you opt for a wooden worktop in the kitchen, the focus is on cosiness. However, wood often swells when exposed to moisture.

Teak worktops can score points here: Teak is one of the types of wood in the highest resistance class to moisture – which is why it is often the wood of choice for outdoor use. Basically, wooden worktops should be cared for, especially in the kitchen, for example by regularly oiling them.

Wood has a lower resistance to heat and scratches compared to other materials. However, kitchen worktops made of wood have the advantage over other materials that they can be easily sanded down and re-oiled if there are stubborn stains or quirks.

stone countertop

Natural Stone

Granite, marble or slate worktops can give the kitchen a classy look. At the same time, it should be noted that solid stone slabs often appear very dominant, especially in smaller kitchens, and small-patterned granite quickly brings unrest to the overall picture of the kitchen.

Stone and especially granite is very heat, moisture and scratch resistant. However, slate is the exception here: it is not scratch-resistant and sometimes even small parts come off. It should also be noted with slate that the surface is not evenly smooth.

Stone should only be protected against liquids, oil and especially against acid - for example from fruit: water, oil and acid stains form quickly and cannot be easily removed, because natural stone absorbs liquids. The stone slab must therefore be treated with special impregnation solutions.

plastic countertop


The advantages of plastic worktops are obvious: They are easy to care for, they are available in a wide variety of designs and they are inexpensive. Nevertheless, it should be noted that plastic worktops are very sensitive to heat.

Small quirks or cuts cannot be repaired and the panel quickly begins to swell as soon as moisture gets into the cracks: particle board usually forms the core of the panel, which is covered with a thin layer of plastic and this reacts very quickly to the effects of water.

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