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Use of solid wood panels

There are many different areas of application for wooden panels: in furniture construction, as a table or kitchen worktop. Particularly durable and dimensionally stable woods such as teak can even be used in wet and outdoor areas: as a washbasin or bathroom furniture and even in shipbuilding, as a garden table or for the outdoor kitchen. However, each area of ​​application places different demands on the product.

Desk and conference table

The requirements for a table top for office work are relatively low. It should have a pleasant surface, have a good effect on the room climate and not be too cold. Many woods meet these criteria - in contrast to metal or plastic tables. However, the table frames are particularly important for office tables, because they can be used to customize the tables to a large extent: with castors, with height adjustment or an adjustable incline, the desk becomes the most comfortable place to work. at Betterwood we decided on the design classic among the office table frames: ours Eiermann-table frames.

Conference table Eiermann

Kitchen table and dining room table

The table at which the family gathers to eat is often the center of the household. It should be able to withstand a lot: wine, coffee and fat will change it over time. Above all, however, the marks of time will give a high-quality solid wood table more character. With the right one Care the table is preserved for generations.

kitchen worktop

The demands on a kitchen worktop are high: it has to withstand moisture and not be so sensitive to scratches. Particularly hard and resistant wood such as teak is more suitable here than European wood. Other materials can also be considered for worktops, such as stone or plastic. You can find one here Comparison.

kitchen worktop
Washbasin teak tree edge 40mm

vanity and bathroom

In the wet area, the material requirements are even higher than in the kitchen. If you want the warm aesthetics of the wood, there is practically no way around teak, because no other wood is so resistant to wood-destroying fungi and at the same time has such good dimensional stability.

Furniture making

High-quality furniture can be made from solid wood panels. With our different plate thicknesses from 18 mm up to 40 mm, our individual cuts and teak strips the piece of furniture brand self-made is also possible for the ambitious do-it-yourselfer.

Balcony table 18mm teak finger-jointed

exterior and shipbuilding

Wooden panels experience the highest stress outdoors and on the high seas. The best wood for ships and gardens is teak thanks to the best dimensional stability and the highest natural durability. And even if wood and glue meet the requirements for outdoors: the construction method is just as important so that the piece of furniture remains in shape and beautiful under the influence of the weather. Learn more about here wooden panels outside.

Teak wood panel pictures

The masterpieces of our customers.

We are amazed at what our customers make out of our wood: wooden terraces in the most improbable shapes, raised beds, ship decks, washstands, bedside cabinets, mobile homes. But see for yourself.

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