Teak board 140 x 80cm, 18mm thick

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Above all, waxing has an optical and haptic effect: the surface of the wood acquires a natural shine and a homogeneous, supple smoothness.

Advantages and disadvantages

Waxed wood is also water and dirt repellent. Although not as strong as a coat of paint. Therefore, water or other liquids should be wiped off soon so that no stains can form. In addition, you should also avoid exposure to excessive heat, for example from saucepans. Wood wax is often made from beeswax and plant waxes, resins and oils and is usually a natural product. It is particularly suitable for use on furniture because of its antistatic effect. Waxed wood retains its breathability and natural appearance.

Teak top 18mm finger-jointed

How a slab is waxed

When waxing, the surface to be treated must be clean, dust-free and, if necessary, sanded with a 120 grit. Depending on the consistency of the wax, it can be applied with a brush or massaged into the wood with a lint-free cotton cloth.

After about an hour, the surface can be polished if the product is not already shiny by itself. Or a second application is possible, after a light sanding with a 180 grit and then a second coat of wax.

With wax, even smaller areas can be reworked and repaired afterwards

Teak wood panel pictures

The masterpieces of our customers.

We are amazed at what our customers make out of our wood: wooden terraces in the most improbable shapes, raised beds, ship decks, washstands, bedside cabinets, mobile homes. But see for yourself.

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