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Wooden panels for outdoor use: what should you pay attention to?

The design of garden tables, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor furniture requires careful selection of materials and suitable construction. While deck construction consisting of several decking boards is traditionally preferred for outdoor use, teak wood panels can be used betterwood.de offers a good alternative if certain care instructions are followed. In this article, we not only discuss the advantages of deck construction, but also how you can optimally use teak wood panels outdoors.

Deck construction: The traditional method

The deck construction with narrow planks and joints is ideal Tables and benches outside. Water can easily drain through the expansion joints between the floorboards. This prevents moisture from accumulating. This means the wood is protected from water damage in the long term. Suitable for furniture teak wood especially since it hardly warps and is at least prone to cracks and splinters.

Outdoor teak panels: proper care and protection

If you are up for teak panels from betterwood.de for your outdoor projects, you should consider the following points:

Fastening and structural wood protection: The uneven moisture on the top and bottom can cause the panel to warp. It should be ensured that the plate is screwed securely to a frame. It also helps if the plate is regularly removed from standing water. A shear area should be installed between the frame and the wooden plate so that the screws have play and do not break under pressure. This also prevents moisture from settling in crevices (capillary effects) and preventing it from drying out. This means that spacers that allow air to circulate should be planned between structural parts. For example with small washers.

Patina: The alternation between summer and winter causes the wood to work and the wood to show signs of aging that are typical of wood. Hairline cracks form and the surface silvers. If you don't want the patina you can go with it Paint boat varnish or clean and regularly with Garden furniture oil maintain. This process can be delayed but not completely stopped by surface treatment with oil or boat varnish.

front edge wax: We strongly recommend using forehead edge wax. This protects the cut edges of the panels, which are particularly susceptible to moisture penetration.

Regular cleaning and maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of teak wood panels is essential to maintain their beauty and longevity. Use appropriate care products to protect the panels from the elements.

Storage when not in use: When not in use, place the plates at an angle so that water can drain easily. This prevents water accumulation and associated damage. It is better not to cover wood with tarpaulins for a longer period of time as mold can easily form when moisture accumulates.

Teak panels for the balcony and garden?

If you are aware of these natural properties of the material and take the appropriate measures, you will have a lot of fun using the teak plate outdoors. In addition to the traditional construction method, teak wood panels can definitely be an option as a deck for creating surfaces, especially table surfaces, outdoors. For deck construction we recommend our decking boards and for using panels we recommend our teak wood panels.

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