What helps against slippery decking?

When wood gets wet it can become slippery. Moisture causes algae and fungi to form on the floorboards and walking across the terrace becomes dangerous. Corrugated wooden surfaces often only increase the slipping effect: the water does not drain well in the gaps and it dries much more slowly than on smooth surfaces. Even when building the terrace, care should be taken to ensure that the floorboards have an incline of 2-3% from the house. So there is no standing moisture.

With the Betterwood-care tips, the slippery covering can also be removed so that the terrace can be walked on again without danger. The additional effect: the wood looks freshly laid again.

By allowing a water-oxalic acid mixture to take effect - 100% biodegradable - the deposits on the wood dissolve in a few minutes. Of the BioMaderas patio cleaner is mixed in a ratio of 1 to 15 in lukewarm water, then applied to the swept wooden terrace with a watering can. After a 10-minute exposure time, the terrace is scrubbed with a brush. This removes dirt, algae and fungi from the decking. The terrace is then rinsed off with clear water.

You can find more care products for wooden terraces in our Wood care. We give you tips for use in the Consulting.

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