Garapa decking boards 145mm
finger-jointed, FSC 100%

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Garapa decking boards, FSC 100%
Price from: €65 per m2, resistance class: 1-2

Advantages: ✓ smooth surface ✓ homogeneous, light color

Disadvantages: ✗ Substances containing iron lead to discoloration ✗ Unscrewed tends to warp

Tip: Patio cleaning removes discoloration and
Professional interim storage avoids delay.

Expected delivery by: June 28rd

Garapa decking boards 145mm finger-jointed from BioMaderas

Garapa is a light tropical wood with excellent durability and a homogeneous surface. The planks are made of several pieces of solid wood connected by wedge-shaped teeth. The tried-and-tested finger-jointing significantly reduces the risk of warping, is particularly sustainable and enables relatively low prices.

Width 145 mm
Size 21 mm
Length 100 cm to 500 cm
Species garapa (Apuleia leiocarpa)
Origin Bolivia, FSC 100% certified
durability Class 1-2 according to DIN 68800-1
Quality Premium quality from BioMaderas
Min and sorted by hand sorting criteria
application finger-jointed
Surface planed smooth on all sides
minimum lengths Planks can be a few millimeters longer
face Board ends are not always cut square
Drying technically dried (KD)
Online patio planner laying plan and get offer
wood pattern free order
installation instructions terrace guide as PDF
Recommended substructure garapa- Substructure (no aluminum)
Recommended accessories only tested material
Volume discounts 1% Discount per €1.000 purchase value - up to max. 15%

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Garapa decking boards finger-jointed

The finger-jointed decking boards FSC® 100%-certified Garapa wood achieve a very high level of durability in combination with a significantly reduced risk of warping. Finger-jointing also offers the advantage of increasing the yield from the tree. This means that the planks can be offered at a relatively affordable price and are particularly sustainable.

Garapa decking, Bergisches Land


✓ Finger-jointed for reduced risk of warping
✓ Proven processing from timber construction
✓ Resistance class 1-2 according to DIN standard
✓ Light, homogeneous wood, slightly darkening
FSC® 100%-certified, from sustainable forestry
✓ transparent Origin
✓ direct sales
✓ climate-neutral shipping

Wood species comparison

Garapa advice

The Betterwood we will be happy to support you in the planning and installation of your Garapa decking boards. We offer you a terrace planner, terrace calculator and advice on all aspects of designing and planning your wooden terrace - all directly online and free of charge.

calculator Planner Guides

Accessories for wooden terraces

The origin

The Garapa decking comes from one FSC® 100%-certified forestry in Bolivia. Visit our forest in Bolivia and learn more about the origin of the wood.


Customer Gallery Garapa

Our customers build the most beautiful Garapa terrace. Visit our customer gallery and read about the experiences our customers have had with the Garapa wood.

customer gallery
Garapa decking boards visibly screwed
Garapa terrace boards 145mm, wooden terrace Berlin

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Durability according to DIN 68800-1

Durability according to DIN EN 350-2

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finger-jointed, FSC 100%"

Data sheet terrace tiles Garapa 1815
Data sheet (PDF)

Notes and application description for the Garapa decking boards from BioMaderas as a two-page PDF download.

Terrace Guide German
Installation instructions in German (PDF)

Our installation instructions will help you build your wooden terrace. Please read these carefully before installing the floorboards.

Installation instructions english (PDF)

Our installation instructions will help you with the construction of your wooden decking. Please read them carefully before installing the boards.

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