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[I ro ko ]; [Milicia excelsa and Milicia regia]; Kambala (COG, BE); Iroko (CI, D, FR, NL); Abang (CM, GA, GN); Odum (GH)


from all African woodlands

bulk density

0,55-0,65-0,75 g/cm³

durability class


radial shrinkage


Tangential shrinkage


wood color

golden brown

wood structure



exterior construction

Often also referred to as Kambala, it is one of the most widespread types of wood in Africa and has properties that are sought after in technical applications and especially in exterior construction.

However, hardly any wood from FSC®-certified forestry is available. Large parts of the savannah forest, for example, have been destroyed as a result of the considerable raw manure and use of the wood species.

As long as there is no sustainable management, the livelihood of both animals and humans will be lost in the long term.

The two botanical species Milicia excelsa and Milicia regia together form Iroko. They do not differ in the wood, but in the distribution.

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