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[Kam·ba·la]; [Milicia excelsa and Milicia regia]; Kambala (COG, BE); Iroko (CI, D, FR, NL); Abang (CM, GA, GN); Odum (GH)


from all African woodlands

bulk density

0,55-0,65-0,75 g/cm³

durability class


radial shrinkage


Tangential shrinkage


wood color

golden brown

wood structure



exterior construction

Kambala or Iroko, known as both Milicia excelsa and Milicia regia, is a highly prized structural wood from the Moraceae family. Excellent for outdoor construction, it is imported into the EU in small quantities due to limited availability. Thanks to its natural durability, Kambala is used in landscaping, for garden furniture, windows, doors, stairs and indoor parquet. The acid/base resistance makes it desirable for chemical industry liquid containers and laboratory benches. The versatility even extends to shipbuilding.

Kambala is often referred to as Iroko. For further information, please read our encyclopedia article on the type of wood Iroko.

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