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Louro Faia

[Lou ro Fai a]; Roupala spp, pearlwood, elvenwood (DE); catucaém, carvalho brasileiro (BR); lacewood, elf wood (US)

Louro-Faia-Wood Lexicon


Northern to central South America

Density (KD)

980 kg / m³

durability class

1 (ENV 807)

Compressive strength u12-15


Bending strength u12-15


Modulus of elasticity (bending) u12-15

16.900 N / mm²

Hardness (JANKA) ⊥, converted


Hardness (BRINELL) ⊥ to fiber u12-15



6.3% radial; 12.3% tangential

wood color

reddish brown to dark brown

wood structure

silver drawing


Terrace wood

Louro Faia (Roupala montana) comes from the forests of the Amazon region of Brazil. The large trees reach diameters of up to 110 cm and heights of 40 m. The heartwood varies from brown to reddish-brown with a subtle pink tint. A distinctive silver grain appears as a pattern of small spots on radial cuts. The splint is clearly visible. Freshly cut wood gives off a temporary unpleasant smell. Louro Faia is characterized by a straight, sometimes irregular grain and contains resin.

The heartwood of Louro Faia ranges from brown to reddish brown with subtle pink tint and striking silver grain. Processing is easily possible by machine and hand, but requires pre-drilling. Louro Faia dries easily with few defects. It is used in a variety of ways, indoors for floors, furniture, carpentry and exclusive yacht interiors. Outdoors it is used for decking, piles, sheet piles, constructions and garden fences. The Roupala montana tree grows slowly as a deciduous tree or shrub, reaching heights of up to 25 meters and diameters of up to 80 centimeters. The leaves are alternate, dimorphic, simple or pinnate. The cream-colored to yellowish flowers appear in terminal or axillary, multi-flowered inflorescences. The fruits are small, flattened follicles that open with two flaps and contain winged seeds. Louro Faia wood is decorative, heavy, hard and durable, suitable for a variety of construction and furniture applications.

Strong substructure

Due to its positive technical properties, the wood is enjoying increasing popularity in terrace construction. It is also used indoors as a floor, for furniture, but also as a veneer in yacht construction.

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