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Louro Faia

[Lou ro Fai a]; Roupala spp, pearlwood, elvenwood (DE); catucaém, carvalho brasileiro (BR); lacewood, elf wood (US)

Louro-Faia-Wood Lexicon


Northern to central South America

Density (KD)

980 kg / m³

durability class

1 (ENV 807)

Compressive strength u12-15


Bending strength u12-15


Modulus of elasticity (bending) u12-15

16.900 N / mm²

Hardness (JANKA) ⊥, converted


Hardness (BRINELL) ⊥ to fiber u12-15



6.3% radial; 12.3% tangential

wood color

reddish brown to dark brown

wood structure

silver drawing


Terrace wood

Louro Faia is a little-known type of wood in Europe, but it has excellent technical values.

The high density in particular ensures very good durability and load-bearing capacity, which makes it ideal as a construction wood. Due to the decorative grain, it is also often used in the visible area, for example as a pergola, for constructions or as a garden fence and railing.

Strong substructure

Due to its positive technical properties, the wood is enjoying increasing popularity in terrace construction. It is also used indoors as a floor, for furniture, but also as a veneer in yacht construction.