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Origin of our wood

It's a long way from a seedling in the tropics to a deck, tabletop or chopping board in your home. According to which principles is work done in the forests? How is the further processing and transport carried out? At this point we would like to document the history behind our tropical wood.


Our Garapa wood and our Cumaru substructure come from certified forestry in the Andean country.


Our hardwood substructure comes from here. The political situation prompted us to stop imports at times.


The trees for our teak decking boards grow in the old teak forests on the Indonesian island of Java.


This is where the trees for our Cumaru decking come from. A TV report shows how forestry works.


Our cutting boards, table tops and garden furniture come from Vietnam.

TV post about Betterwood and our forest in Peru

A television team from the Pro-Sieben show “Galileo” visited us in our camp near Cologne and in one of our forests in Peru. The result is a report about our company and our special way of forestry.

The masterpieces of our customers.

We are amazed at what our customers make out of our wood: wooden terraces in the most improbable shapes, raised beds, ship decks, washstands, bedside cabinets, mobile homes. But see for yourself.

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