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The subsoil of a wooden terrace

With the right substructure and appropriate preparation, a wooden terrace can be laid in the garden, on terraces, on slopes, on stone tiles, concrete, roofs, balconies, on pools, over ponds, on lakes - to almost any desired location. Below you can find out what work is required for the various substrates.

The substrates and what work they require

The preparation of the foundation of a substructure is different depending on the subsoil. Basically, the areas can be classified into four types. Select the substrate that suits your building project here and find out more about the preparatory work.

Substructure counter battens gravel

The goal: a solid foundation without standing water

Although the preparatory work differs depending on the substrate, the result should always be the same: On the one hand, the support points of the substructure should offer a firm footing and not give way over time. On the other hand, the foundation should be designed in such a way that water can drain off easily.

Our substructure

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