Lay terrace decking

Everything you need to know about laying decking boards: from the foundation to the substructure and proper care of the wooden deck. Here you will find the most important questions and laying tips about terrace construction and learn step by step how to lay your terrace floorboards.

An overview of the building instructions for a wooden terrace.

The shopping list for your terrace project.

An overview of the possible substrates for a terrace.

Which preparatory work is pending for the underground earth.

What needs to be considered with a concrete or stone surface.

How terraces are laid on steel beams or roof membranes.

Which preparatory work is required for a terrace on a hillside.

What and where are the possible support points of the substructure.

How to adjust the slope and height of a terrace.

What to consider when laying the substructure.

How decking boards are cut and built.

Which screw connections are possible on a wooden terrace.

How to screw with decking screws.

A construction manual for the concealed fastening with BioMaderas Clips

How the facing of a wooden terrace is mounted and what needs to be considered.

How to build a wooden staircase to the terrace.

How warped planks can be laid straight.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

How a wooden terrace is oiled and cared for.

The best way to clean a terrace.

Plan a wooden terrace now for free.

We will provide you with a laying plan and an offer with all the accessories and transport costs. We can also plan extras such as construction height or patio steps for you.

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