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Sustainability of tropical timber

The concept of sustainability originally comes from forestry. The aim of sustainable management is that not only the present, but also future generations can manage the forest in the long term and sustainably.

Against repression - because it's worth it

Clear-cutting and the displacement of forest areas by agricultural land stands in contrast to the sustainable management of forest areas. Sustainability therefore not only refers to the considerate treatment of nature, but also includes the economic pursuit of long-term yields. So there is no other branch of the economy that is so closely linked to the concept of sustainability and in which economic and ecological interests can be combined as forestry.

forest instead of corn

It is precisely this attitude that we want to promote in the tropics: forests should have a long-term benefit and value for the local people. We are of the opinion that only rainforest protection that also respects the interests of the local population can be successful in the long term. Because the main reason for the destruction of the rainforest is its displacement by agricultural monocultures such as pastures, palm oil and corn fields.

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Sustainable tropical timber is the implementation of and compliance with sustainable economic practices. However, this goal only becomes binding and verifiable when uniform standards are defined in a certificate system and the products that meet the set requirements are awarded this certificate. at Betterwood we have chosen the strictest international certificate and only offer FSC®-certified tropical wood

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